Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 20

Dinner Out! Tonight was a celebration of two son's and my brother's. We met at Macaroni Grill where we consumed mass quantities of wonderful food, had excellent service provided by Heather and finished with birthday cake and a serenade by Austin. Everything was terrific! And if you have never heard Happy Birthday sung in Italian by an opera student, you haven't lived!! We all had a great time and came away stuffed...with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch!!

Happy Birthday, Zak and Dan!!!

BTW...I opted for the Mushroom Ravioli. It is delicious! The over-stuffed (read HUGE) raviolis are tender and full of several kinds of mushrooms and cheese. The sauce was a Marsala-cream filled with even more mushrooms and broiled onion. MMMMMMMMM! I'm so sorry I left the camera at home. You'll just have to go and try it yourself!

Well,'s a snap of next-day leftovers...not nearly as pretty as the night before!

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Happy belated Birthday, Zak and Dan!!! And YAY!!! for Macaroni Grill! :-))